Providing outstanding IT support small business across Contra Costa and Alameda Counties

Why choose us:

We are great at what we do.We love technology and we love helping people get the most from it.
CCIATWork is focused on providing the best possible IT support and consulting to small businesses and individuals locate in the East Bay Area, California.

Are you getting enough VALUE for your IT investment?

CCIATWork provides you with:

  • Excellent service at a great price;
  • Personalized solutions tailored to your needs; and
  • High quality work based on 17 years experience.

There is more to a job than just getting it done : There’s doing it right, and standing behind the work.

Our satisfaction guarantee

We know what it’s like to receive great service and understand how important it is – especially when it involves something as crucial as the technology that keeps your business productive and successful.

Our satisfaction guarantee has two components:
  • Excellent service: Friendly staff who turn up on time, complete work promptly, and do what we say we will.
  • High quality work: being great at what we do.
We are confident in our service and quality of work, which we back up with a Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • If we don’t start a support job within the SLA (Service Level Agreement) times we establish with you, 100% of the time we spent on that job for you is FREE.
  • If we don’t turn up on time and there were no reasonable transport issues involved, 100% of the time we spent on that support job for you is FREE.
  • If you’re not totally happy with the quality of our work, let us know—our IT Support Managers are authorized to provide up to a considerable discount on that job.

Like all businesses, we make occasional mistakes: we’re only human (well, most of our Engineers are!). So if we do let you down at all, this is a simple way we show you we are sorry. It also encourages our team to provide you with the best service and technical quality.

Client Testimonials

"…..Been going there for 15 years and they save my butt every time a problem occurs. Hardware, software issues all fixed fast. Expert rebuilds or new systems at great prices. The best computer store in the east bay by far.....It is a smallish store, doing big work, fast! " –Martin

" Best computer shop in the area Honest, reliable and well priced. My laptop and PC love the spa treatment they get there :) These guys know how to clean up any mess. We are very lucky to have them in the area! Was this review helpful?" –Sandra

" Great knowledge with excellent customer service. Unlike other places that will try to convince you that you need new everything, they will do their best to work with what you have and get you set up with a smooth running computer system to fit your needs."

” Great Computer place! My wife and I went down to this shop (found it online) and Jonathan built us a computer, after we discussed what we needed. He patiently guided us through the options, etc." –Jason

” I opened a business in downtown Walnut Creek spring of this year and I must first admit that CCI is my next-door neighbor. When I moved in these folks were very friendly and helpful in getting my Internet up and running; adding memory to my laptop and a handful of other odd jobs." –Jason

" Riz, just wanted to say thank you, I love the computer that you built for me, it’s fast and gets the job done. I also want to thank you for the fast response to fix my computer emergency the other day, proving once again that you are Riz the Whiz."

" CCI Computer came to our rescue when our system crashed last spring during the height of our busy season. With their expertise in Linux and Unix, they rebuilt our server and got us up and running in less than 24 hours. In addition, they suggested a firewall for enhanced security and the installation of a new gigabit enterprise switch which increased access times on our network."

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